Heather is an evergreen woody shrub that grows 10-50 cm high. Its leaves are needle-and grow together. The flower is a pink watch with a case consists of four strip. Stamens protrude from the clock. The inflorescence is a one-sided clusters near the tip of the shoot. Heather grows throughout most of Europe. However, it is missing in the north circumstances, it is the most infertile areas, such as Iceland and Lapland inside the country's highest mountains, and on the other hand a large part of the south of the Mediterranean coastal areas, Hungarian plain and South-East European steppes and the Caucasus. It has also spread to some extent, Asia Minor and Russia Siberian side, as well as in North America, Mexico and New Zealand. In Finland, Heather is common throughout the country. Heather has been used as fuel, animal feed, roofing material, the mattress cushioning and a platform for domestic animals. It is made brooms, rope, orange dye and beer. When bees collect nectar heather, heather honey is obtained, which has a strong aroma and a slightly bitter taste. Heather honey is darker than many other types of honey. Heather flowers and shoot tops has been used in herbal preparation. They include a Diuretics and antiseptics.
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