Lake in Tampere, Iidesjärvi

Iidesjarvi is a lake in Tampere. It is located in the eastern part of Kaleva ridge on the south side and the north side of the Nekala. The lake covers an area of 64 hectares and a maximum depth of about three meters and a height of 77.3 meters above sea level The length of the lake is approximately 1.9 kilometers and at its widest it is about 850 meters. The lake catchment area is rich in fields and urban areas. In the lake is a bird-watching tower from the south-east. Iidesjarvi is a major insect and bird watching destination in Pirkanmaa. In 2001, the insects were 1217 species. The lake has been part of the national wetlands conservation program for the year 1982. The beaches are lush fields.
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